Introducing my new website

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new website, along with a whole redesigned new look.
Even though I built it from a premium template, it required months of coding to get a customized look. Well, at least it helped me to dust off my skills as a web developer.

There is certainly a huge body of work behind the scenes when it comes to build a website from scratch. Writing contents, designing all the pages, creating a logo, choosing colours and fonts, and optimizing all images for the web are only part of the job. On top of that, if you work alone the job could be strenuous and most of all time consuming. But then again, it was fun and rewarding, leaving aside the countless headaches that every developer normally faces when building a website.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

My goal was to build a website with minimalism in mind. Focused on photography rather than graphics, web design, and all those fancy effects that are so popular today. I hope I’ve been able to achieve what I was after, a website that draws attention to the only important subject, photography.

I hope everyone who stops by my website enjoys the images I’ve captured over the years with commitment and passion.

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